Hungarian Summit 2024

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Exciting News: Hungarian Summit 2024 – Mark Your Calendars! Tickets The moment we’ve all been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived! After much careful planning and consideration, we are thrilled to announce the official date for the next Hungarian Summit. Get ready to embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and community building like never before! […]

Termination Consequences of the International Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty

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Recently, Kossuth Foundation  organized an informative event discussing the repercussions of the expiration of the international treaty on double taxation avoidance. Two distinguished experts, Dr. Zoltán Kiss (Ministry of Finance) and Dr. Dalma Kovács (Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe LLP), provided detailed insights into the impacts on the Hungarian and American tax systems, respectively. […]

Guide on Avoiding Double Taxation

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The Kossuth Foundation invites all interested parties to its informational session on the consequences of the expiration of the international treaty regarding the avoidance of double taxation. Date: March 9, Saturday, 11 AM (EST) Location: Kossuth House, 2001 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20016 Guest speakers include Dr. Zoltán Kiss, Department Head (Ministry of Finance), […]

Virtual Tour at the UCF Business Incubation Program Volusia County Office

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The USA Accelerator Program collaborates closely with the UCF Business Incubation Program, and we are now guiding you to a place where all of this converges – the Volusia County office. Introducing the Volusia County Incubator: A cutting-edge, mixed-use facility supporting diverse early-stage businesses. Nestled at the U.S. Customs terminal in Daytona Beach International Airport, […]

Hungarian Summit Alumni Gathering

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Located in the heart of Volusia County, Florida, HungarianHub is a dynamic non-profit organization founded by Piros Pazaurek, a dedicated resident and business owner. Our mission is to foster cooperation and investment between Hungary and the United States, with a dual commitment to cultural appreciation and economic growth. Launched in 2021, the Hungarian Summit, now […]

Hogyan vállalkozz magyarként az USA-ban? – VIDEO

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Kezdjük a decemberünket egy igazi inspirációdús pillanattal! Csapatunk két zseniális tagja, Gabor Tovari-Nagy és Vujity Tvrtko, online színpadra álltak a Hello Biznisz eseményén, hogy beavassanak minket az USA-beli vállalkozás mágikus világába! Bár nem mi voltunk az esemény szervezői, de büszkén osztottuk meg, hogy két kiváló kollégánk volt az előadók között. Gábor és Tvrtko bepillantást engednek […]

Florida: A Launchpad for Growth and Innovation!

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When thinking of Florida, what first comes to mind might be the beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, and sun-kissed palm trees. However, there’s another iconic aspect to Florida – its position as the launchpad for mankind’s greatest space adventures through NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. But the spirit of exploration isn’t limited to just the stars. […]

Launch or Start Up: How Launching a Rocket Mirrors the Entrepreneurial Journey


Imagine standing on the edge of a launch platform, gazing up at the sky. There’s a massive rocket towering above you, its engines rumbling, ready to burst into life. The air is thick with anticipation. The countdown begins: “10, 9, 8…” Every number announced brings an increased heart rate and exhilaration. This scene might remind […]

Why Florida is an Ideal Destination for Hungarian Companies to Venture into the U.S. Market

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Expanding business operations to new markets is a strategic move for companies seeking growth and global reach. For Hungarian companies eyeing the United States as their next business frontier, Florida offers a plethora of opportunities and advantages. This article explores why Florida stands out as a prime destination for Hungarian companies looking to expand their […]